Hiring Facilities

All members are hereby informed that the management committee has revised charges for hiring of club's facilities and gym subscriptions, w.e.f 1st January 2017.:-

Cricket Grounds:
Full Day - Kshs.40,000/- + vat
Half Day - Kshs. 20,000/- + vat
Full Day Practice - Kshs. 25,000/- + vat
Half Day Practice - Kshs. 12,500/- + vat
International Match Full Day - Kshs. 100,000/- + vat
Hockey Grounds - Kshs. 60,000/- + vat

Beer Garden - Kshs.15,000/- + vat
Bridge Hall - Kshs.20,000/- + vat
Cricket Pavilion - Kshs.40,000/- + vat

Guest Levy Bandas - Kshs.200/- + vat
Guest Levy Swimming Pool(adults) - Kshs.200/- + vat
Kids - Kshs.100/- + vat

Gym Charges Per Day - Kshs.400/-
Annual Gym Subscription - Kshs.28,000/-
Gym Subscription Quarterly - Kshs.12,000/-
Gym Subscription(Member& Spouse) - Kshs.40,000/-

Steam - Kshs.300/-
Sauna - Kshs.300/-
Towel - Kshs.100/-
Massage Levy - Kshs.300/-

For more information, Kindly contact administration office.


1. No telephone, fax or email request will be accepted. Members will be required to fill in an application form that should be returned with full payment of the respective hall booked. Booking for each specific area of Nairobi Gymkhana must be applied for in the prescribed forms.
2. Booking is not transferable and deposit will be forfeited unless cancellation is given in writing fourteen (14) days prior to the confirmed booking date.
3. Deposit will only be refunded in cases of mishap such as accident, sickness or death. The refund will be at the sole discretion of the Management Committee
4. No outside food or outside caterers will be allowed and cooking on site will not be allowed. This service will be provided by either of the Club caterers.
5. The caterers will provide their own service staff; the club is not responsible for provision staff.
6. Strictly no outside drinks will be allowed in the premises. These services will be provided through the club's bar at our normal prices. Deposit of full amount of the order of the drinks has to be paid before the day of the party. However the club will refund the amount of full bottled drinks not consumed.
7. The Club will not provide waiters for the function but the hirer will be requested to pay for each outsourced waiter availed at Kshs. 500/-. However, one supervisor and 2 Barman, cleaners will be provided by the club till midnight (12.00am), thereafter the hirer will pay directly to each Staff Kshs. 500/- towards transport allowance. And Kshs. 250/- per NG staff for ever extra hour towards Overtime.
8. The Club can only provide that available furniture at the time of hiring for a maximum of 120 pax. For any extra requirement, the hirer will be required to make his/her own arrangement.
9. The hirer will ensure the safety of the Club property in the Halls. Any damage will be borne by the hirer
10. The Club will not be responsible for any loss or damage to personal effects
11. In the event that there is a power failure, there will be a standby Generator. In the event that the standby Generator fails to start, the hirer will be required to make own arrangements for another Generator.
12. All the above rules and regulations and all other instructions under the guidance of the General Manager / Supervisor or caretaker must be abided
13. The halls will be handed over to the hirer in a clean manner and we will expect the same at the end of the function.