Self Cooking Bandas


1. Only members are permitted to book the Bandas through the Caterer
2. The Bandas' capacity are as follows:
(a) The 5 small Bandas - up to 15 people.
(b) The 2 big Bandas - up to 30 people.

3. Members may book Bandas as desired.
4. Members are requested to pay a guest levy of Kshs. 100/= per person including children of 12years and above (subject to change).
5. The member booking the Bandas must accompany their guests and shall be responsible for his guest's conduct and for any damage caused by himself or his guest.
6. Guests shall be restricted to the Bandas area only and shall not enter or use any other facilities of the Club.
7. In event the booking is cancelled, the members will be charged cancellation fees of Kshs. 500/= unless the booking is cancelled 48hours before hand.
8. All complaints shall be addressed to the Bandas Caterer and copied to the Club Manager.
9. All drinks (alcohol, soft drinks and mineral water) to be strictly purchased from the Banda bar. No food or drinks will be allowed from outside. A breach of this rule may entail disciplinary action.
10. Cars to be parked at owners' risk. The management will not be held responsible for any theft or damage to their vehicles.
11. To be mindful of other Banda users while playing music, this must be kept within reasonable level of volume.
12. Maintain decorum and desist from using foul language.
13. Television remote control to be obtained from and returned back to the Bandas barman.
14. The management reserves the right of admission.

These rules to be enforced by the Bandas reception or staff on duty.

By Order of the Management Committee. Issued on 11th October 2006