Terms & Condition

Nairobi gymkhana By-laws Accommodation section

1. The charges for the use of bedrooms shall be fixed by the Management Committee. A copy of the tariff will be kept at the reception office.
2. No reciprocal member or member's guest shall occupy a bedroom for more than 28 days in any three months but in the event of rooms being available, the Manager shall be entitled to renew such occupancy
3. Guests are required at all times when leaving their rooms to lock their doors and when leaving the club, to deposit the bedroom keys with the reception office.
4. if a room is reserved and is not required but is not cancelled at least 24 hors before noon on the date or reservation , a 'no show' fee not exceeding one day's tariff for the room rate will be charged and thereafter the room may be reallocated.
5. Check in time limit for those with prior reservation is 7.00p.m. After this time a reserved room is free for allocation to any other member. If one paid a deposit at the time of reservation, or a member had undertaken an irrevocable commitment for payment, then reservation is not subject to the 7.00p.m deadline
6. Bedrooms must be vacated entirely by 10.00am on the day and will be charged at half the normal room rate subject to availability.
7. Day rooms for already residents must be vacated by 6.00p.m and will be charged at half the normal room rate subject to availability
8. Settlement of bills shall be by cash and / or by personal cheques of members
9. Meals will be served at the following hours subject to alteration as the Management Committee may from time to time decide

 Breakfast 7.00am - 9.00am
 Lunch (weekdays) 12.30p.m - 2.00p.
 Lunch (Sat & Sun) 12.30pm - 3.00p.m
 Dinner 7.00pm - 10.00p.m

NB: Members and guests will be charged for lunches and dinner and for all extra beverages

10. No room service is available in the bedrooms between 9.00p.m and 6.30am
11. With the exception of afternoon tea, a charge of Kshs. 50/- will be made on each meal served in the rooms
12. The Management Committee and the staff do not accept liability for any loss of any nature whatsoever to Members or guests whilst on the Club premises unless such articles have been commited to the safe custody of the Secretary / Manager
13. Strict silence is required at all times
14. No member shall bring any liquor into the club for consumption on Club premises except with the permission of the Manager who will asses the corkage to be charged thereon.
15. All external telephone calls must be booked through the receptionist and the cost will be debited to members accounts. An Administration surcharge of 25% shall be made on all outgoing calls.
16. Laundry service will be available at fixed charges and at regulated times
17. the Nairobi Gymkhana does not accept any legal responsibility for any injury and or ailment suffered by members and their guests while resident
18. Members and their guests will be liable for all damages caused to the residential room and for loss of any of the Nairobi Gymkhana property therein
19. Members and their guests using the swimming pool and sauna shall pay the required levies and will change in the changing room and are not permitted to wear swimming apparel in the residential complex
20. Members and their guests are required to make use of the waste disposal facilities and are advised that no articles of any nature shall be thrown out of the verandas or windows
21. Members and their guests shall abide by directions given by the staff as to the parking of their cars.