The Nairobi Gymkhana

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A look into our past



We bring you nothing but the best

THE Nairobi Gymkhana began as a humble shack on land allocated to the Indian Association by the Governor of Kenya in 1927. It was then called the Suleman Verjee Indian Gymkhana. However, the shack itself was intended to provide more than a last refuge for drinkers and gamblers, for the Indian community wanted a place where they could unleash their sporting aspiration.

Below you get to see excellence that has been achieved over the years.


Awards and Trophies

A  display of al the awards and trophies received by the Nairobi Gymkhana Club since it was established by its founders.

Theses are a show of its qualifications in different fields of sports since establishment.

Previous Events

A documentation of previous events held within the Nirobi Gymkhana, festivals, grand openin gs and other special events since its establishment.

This is so as not to forget the milestones that hae been achived by our organization and better yet within the organization.


THE Nairobi Gymkhana believes in change and growth. It has been steered by a number of qualified leaders that shall  never be forgotten over the years. From  its co-founders to other hands that helped mould it to its current successes.

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